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Continuity of Care

The improvement of health for the general public requires special attention to the human experience of all stake holders; clinicians and care givers in various professions, roles and organizations and the patients and their caregivers that exhibit various cultures and needs. The multidisciplinary research hub that integrates technological, social and design domains, will address the continuity of care challenge, focusing on human-centered design in the crossroad of patient and clinician, interfacing advanced technology. The hub aims at developing new methodologies that integrate and advance methodologies that originate from the various disciplines for: promoting continuity of care, both physically and mentally; encouraging sustainability that foster health; developing a cohesive medical narrative; and enabling holistic approach that is in relation to social health factors (Social Determinants of Health - SDoH).

Group Leader:

Meira Levy

Group Members:

Mor Peleg
Sara Rosenblum
Bracha Nir
Michal Pauzner
Meira Levy

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